A New Way To Get What You Want

It’s human nature to see something, like it and try to figure out how we can get our hands on it; even better would be to get it on sale of course or at a cheaper price. Well as far as shopping goes, I’m always

Easy Florals – A Casual Daytime Look

Hi beauties, I am so happy to be able to do what I love 24/7. I just love being able to help women look and feel beautiful both inside and out. One of my obsessions, which just happens to be my job is putting together

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A Little Bling Goes A Long Way

Fashion statements can be very loud and flamboyant, or they can be very sleek and subtle. Now everyone has their own sense of style, from the way they comb their hair, to the way they walk and act. One thing I believe we  all have

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A Bloggers Dream

I’m pretty sure you all are wondering what on earth I’m going to be talking about…..!!! Well if you’re a blogger, you know how important it is to gain an audience + dedicated readers are. Yep, we all have been through those times in our

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Coutoure vs Street Style

I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a guest blogger for Plum Rum . They are a UK-based online clothing store,  one of the best places to find both new and established Independent clothing lines providing “Fresh Threads for its customers since 2009″. Check out their

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Should It Really Hurt …..?

Have you ever gotten dressed and then realized that the shoes you’re wearing is just really, really uncomfortable to walk in…? I remember the days when it was literally a toss-up for me, I wanted to wear a cute pair of stilettos but on the other hand

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NYC’s Gem Of All Waxing Salons

Summer is in full swing and living in New York, we tend to have so many choices of where to go for our much-needed body and bikini waxes, spa treatments, manicure and pedicures. We definitely want to look our absolute best for this summer season,

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A New Persective On Natural Hair Care

If you have never heard of the Nu Ade Hair Oil product line, you should know that you’ve definitely been missing out. “Nu Ade is a salon perfected nourishing hair oil brand” that was created by Tulani Kinard “. For those of you who don’t know exactly

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Nail Polishes That Are Harming You

  “Nail Polish” by Andy Price is Licensed under CC BY -NC-SA 2.0               Did you know that your nail polish may be harmful to you and can cause dizziness, headaches and rashes..? Yes it’s true, a lot of nail polishes contain

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Get Healthy With Yin Yoga Practices

Today I would like to share with you all my latest encounter “Yin Yoga”, which has many benefits for anyone that practices it. Yin yoga is very different from the other more popular forms of yoga because all of the poses are usually done seated or lying down