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A New Persective On Natural Hair Care

If you have never heard of the Nu Ade Hair Oil product line, you should know that you’ve definitely been missing out. “Nu Ade is a salon perfected nourishing hair oil brand” that was created by Tulani Kinard “. For those of you who don’t know exactly

"Nail Polish" by Andy Price is Licensed under CC BY -NC-SA 2.0

Nail Polishes That Are Harming You

  “Nail Polish” by Andy Price is Licensed under CC BY -NC-SA 2.0               Did you know that your nail polish may be harmful to you and can cause dizziness, headaches and rashes..? Yes it’s true, a lot of nail polishes contain

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Get Healthy With Yin Yoga Practices

Today I would like to share with you all my latest encounter “Yin Yoga”, which has many benefits for anyone that practices it. Yin yoga is very different from the other more popular forms of yoga because all of the poses are usually done seated or lying down


A Day At The Beach + My Essentials

I hope that everyone is having an amazing week so far. I got to enjoy myself on the beach yesterday and boy was it fun. My fiancé and I took the kids to the beach for some much needed fun in the sun, we practically spent

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You Deserve A Little Relaxation

Well Today I started my day out early, did some grocery shopping and laundry, all before 11am. I am very proud of myself for that, usually those things are done way later in the day. As a treat to myself I took a wonderfully, cool

Picture taken from Issa London

“Issa London” Summer Collection

  My Clothing Line Pick of the day is Issa. I absolutely love their Spring/Summer Collection for 2014. The line of clothing produced has such a feminine and sexy feel, yet it is not too provocative. I love the array of color and prints as well and

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Date Night Summer Outfit

It’s Saturday night and time to enjoy the weekend, a date night out is a great way to enjoy a night out with your special guy. I just love wearing light dresses in the summer time, especially at night. I think that something feminine and

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Clutches Are A Girls Best Friend

  Summer is finally here and the excitement I feel is indescribable. I have been waiting for so long to feel the warmth of the sun on my face, seeing that I live in Brooklyn summer takes a while to come…lol Being the girl that

Crop Tops For The Summer

For our money, top of the crops from the spring/summer shows was Narciso Rodriguez, whose black-and-ivory chintzed wool suit crop, paired with an elegant ivory skirt, is just about the sharpest take on officewear we’ve seen in the past few years. Also getting in on

Women Spa Parties

Celebrate With A Spa Party

Hi everyone, Happy Monday…… I hope that you all had an amazing weekend, I certainly enjoyed mine and just wanted to share a really fun thing I’m doing for all the lovely ladies on the East Coast. If you live in New Yok, New Jersey