Hello my name is jay, I’m in 2nd grade and I live in Brooklyn. What we are going to be talking about is style. If you have a style and you like ...

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Style By A Second Grader


  Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you all a great way at I have encountered to save money when you go shopping for regular everyday ite...

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How To Save Money Year Round

The Honeybee's Top Stocking Stuffers

  The holidays are right around the corner and everyone is starting to get into the holiday season, slowly but surely. I mean we still have a few...

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Stress Free Holiday Shopping

Roomhints.com Featured Room

  I just love doing DIY projects for my home; it’s such a fun and peaceful time for me. Sometimes however there are things that I try to do mys...

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Design Any Room like a Pro


  Inspiration can come in a multitude of forms; you can be inspired by a person, place, a thing, a memory, a dream, a goal, a thought, or even by...

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Get Some Inspiration

Rose Petal Macarons

  I am a true sucker for sweets, ice-cream and yummy desserts. One of my weaknesses however, are MACARONS….!!! Yes that’s right, Maca...

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A Yummy Dessert

Bonnet Couture

Welcome to Bonnet Couture     Bonnet Couture creates exquisite handcrafted high quality Silk and Satin accessories such as Hair Bonnets, Sca...

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Keeping Your Hair Fabulous