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Desiree Briceno

Meet The Founder

Desiree Briceno and has over 8 years experience with online marketing, direct selling, sales, social media marketing, business development and coaching. She came from a background in the beauty, fashion and event planning industries and later on dived into B2B and social marketing., I’ve had a lot of experience working for/with companies via sales, online marketing, outside sales, social media marketing.

DB Freelance Services was formed as Desiree saw a need for start-ups, non-profits, small and local businesses to have a marketing plan in place that not only helped them get more customers but that helped grow their revenue and online presence.

"Our goal is to provide professional, results driven and cost effective marketing strategies and campaigns to businesses that need help gaining exposure and growing their client base."

Our Team Of Experts

Our team is a group of highly efficient freelance experts with one goal in mind: To provide you with the best marketing strategies, campaigns and content possible so that you can outshine your competition and build lone-lasting relationships with your customers.

DB Freelance Services

Next Steps...

Contact us today for a Free Website or Social Media Audit. If you like to learn more about the services we offer or just want to get a price quote give us a call today at (347) 857-5124 or shoot us an email...