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60 Minute Coaching Call - $75

On this 1 Hour Video Call/Phone Call, I will help you target 1 to 2 main areas you are having trouble with in your business.

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** Also - If you need help starting or planning out your business & goals, you need this consultation.

4 Week Coaching Program


In this 4 week program you will learn everything needed for you to become a Successful Entrepreneur. It's time to take your business and your life to the next level.!

You will receive downloadable PDF's to guide you through the course, as well as 1 weekly 30 Minute Call with me to go over your progress and talk about implementation of your goals etc... We will also map out a marketing strategy (online + Offline) for your business that you can put into action as soon as you have completed the course.



Here's What You'll Learn:

1.Do you know what the most important factor is when it comes to your success? This ultimate factor is the difference between a successful person and a failure.

2. You’ll learn what your current strengths are and how they’re going to help you be successful as an entrepreneur, as well as how to develop new strengths.

3. Figuring out what your weaknesses are and how you can make up for them. You’ll learn exactly how you can identify each and every weakness that has kept you from being successful in the past and then create a plan to combat them so that they don’t stop you this time.

4. You get motivation to succeed like you’ve never had before. You’ll know that you have the tools, the information and the ability to make success happen and for the first time in your life you’ll believe that you have everything it takes to make it: consciously and subconsciously.

5. You’ll learn how to create new habits that will keep you on the road to success without even trying. You’ll be able to develop these habits so that you automatically do the things that you need to do to be successful.

6. You’ll learn how to let go of the past and not allow past mistakes to influence your current successes.

7. You’ll learn how to recognize successes in the past and allow them to motivate you so that you can reach your current goals.

8. You’ll learn how your scheduling habits are killing your business and how you can find time to be successful even if you don’t think you can fit it in.

9. You’ll learn how to be the best self that you can be and you’ll be able to use that knowledge to create the best business that you can create.

10. You’ll learn how to be grateful for the opportunities and knowledge that you have....PLUS Much More!!!


Desiree Briceno - DB Freelance Services

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Let’s map out a marketing plan that allows you to truly scale your business and double your profits within the next year.
I have over 6 years of experience with entrepreneurship and online marketing. After much trial, error and success, I figured out different ways to really build and grow my business without spending a ton of money that truly attracted paying clients/customers.

It's Not Too Late To Follow Your Passion

You can do this.! You are a gem and your ideas, business or passion is something that the world needs, but it won’t do them any good if they don’t know about you or your products/services.

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