For an Internet Marketer the website visitor is a Very Important Guest. Your very survival as an Internet Marketer greatly depends on the volume of targeted visitors you are able to attract to your website, keep them as long as possible, provide them what they are looking for and finally convert their visits into sales. Yes, there are various proven and smart ways to achieve this.

1. Loading time of your website is very critical. If it is going to take a long time to load, you are going to be disappointed. Your visitor will never arrive for he would have clicked out by then and moved on to another website. Ensure that all your web pages load quickly especially the home page; otherwise your visitor will leave in frustration.

2. The first impression is the best. It is a known fact that most website visitors just spend 5-7 seconds in a new website. You have to grab the visitor’s attention within this time and this is best done by clearly indicating the theme of your site and what it is all about.

Never have a misleading title, also the introduction should convince the visitor that he has come to the right place. Have headings and sub-headings to grab your visitor’s attention.

3. Have a well-organized site navigation system so that your website visitors will know where to go and what to expect when they click. Never confuse them. Most website visitors come looking for something, so help them to locate it. If they are happy with the navigation and the website, they are bound to visit you more often.

4. Content is King! Have quality content that is related to the overall theme of your website and update your web content regularly. Provide unique information and resources for which your visitor should be ever grateful to you. If you are capable of writing articles, post articles regularly displaying your expertise. It should be easy to read and understand with no grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. If the visitors are happy they will hang around and explore your site further.

5. Offer your visitor a freebie such as an eBook or free software that can be downloaded from your website or direct him to a vendor of whom you are an affiliate.

6. Have free Coupons and Special Promotions that are bound to grab the attention of the visitors, keep them longer and bring them back often.

7. Having Bulletin boards, Polls, Surveys and Quizzes are other ways and means of getting the visitors to participate in these and retaining them longer at your website.

8. Provide opportunities to submit articles and also their websites to a well-organized link directory thus getting them more involved with your website.

9. A special area having links to News, Sports News, Videos, Jokes, Thought of the Day, Encyclopedia and other interesting content too are popular with some website visitors and makes them spend more time at your site and come back often.

10. A Professional appearance of your website with respect to Design, Content and display of Advertisements will motivate the visitor to remain longer.

In Conclusion: To achieve success you will have to find ways and means of keeping your website visitors as long as possible at your site. The obvious reason for this is to win over their hearts and to convince them to be your customers or persuade them to join your list. These Top Ten Tips show you how this can be done.