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Meet Desy

Hi everyone, my name is Desy, and I’m a Freelance Social Media Manager/Consultant, a Lover of all things Fashion & Beauty and a true DIY fanatic.

I’m so happy that you’ve taken the time to check out my blog where I share my passion for fashion, beauty, business and lifestyle. I hope that my blog will be a source of entertainment, inspiration and learning for your.

I came from a beauty/fashion background and later on I dived into event planning, then B2B sales + social media marketing. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started my first home based business when I was 19 with a direct sales company.

A few years ago I lost my full time job without any warning. It was one of the most devastating things I had ever experienced. I suddenly found myself out of work with 2 kids to provide for & a ton of bills to pay. Something had to be done about my situation, it was time for me to create the life that I wanted instead of relying on a boss or company for income.

Instead of going out and looking for a new job, I set my mind on turning my part time business into a full time agency and become my own boss. By working for myself, I have been able to change my life and my family’s life because I’m in charge of my time, income and future.

It has taken me many years and lots of trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn’t. My goal is to inspire you to go after your dreams whatever they may be and pursue the life that you want. Live life on your terms, embrace who you are and what you have to offer the world.