Here is a complete walk-through video on How to Navigate the Google Analytic Dashboard and Admin Area.

In this video we are going to take a look at the navigation and the admin panel for Google Analytics. When you reach the URL you’re just going to go ahead and click Google Analytics and this will bring you into the home screen. Now there are a couple of things that you’ll want to take note of, first the upper right-hand corner you’re going to see three dots. You’re going to click those dots and then you’re going to click into user settings, this is where your account identification information is going to be. An account will start with a default date range of seven days so if you want to look at something more than that you can look at as much as a month at a glance, but typically you’re going to look at seven days or a week.


When you scroll down you’re going to have certain things in your account by default, that means then that Google Analytics will send you information on all four categories including performance, suggestions, feature, ins, announcements, feedback and other offers from Google. If you don’t want to receive any of this information you can actually go under the “Don’t Tell Analytics” will come direct to your mailbox and you can get all website data for any website that you have set up for Google Analytics.


You can have that set up by default in this area when you start your account. I will now go back to the home page and you’re going to see a left side menu here and some of this left side menu we’ll be discussing in this course. We’re going to be discussing the reports menu, real-time audience acquisition, behavior and conversions. All these are reporting mechanisms and they’ll tell you certain information about your sites and your traffic. The customization menu will give you latitude over how you want to get the information and what you actually want to see. Also, you’ll discover additional information and research on Google Analytics and the admin panel at the very bottom, this is where you’ll be doing most of the work in setting up websites and other factors of your Google Analytics. For example, if you were to look at the properties menu, we can pull down this drop-down menu and we’ll see all of the sites that we have set up with a particular account.


In fact, if we want to create new property or new analytics set of reports for a particular website, this is where we will create that new information. Now it’s quite possible that you could be working with a client, if that’s the case you will actually create an account for their information by going to this account area and when you want to take a look at

different kinds of views you can actually do that from the “View Menu” and you can create that view, we will actually discuss that in the next course. You’ve now seen a basic orientation of the dashboard and how to navigate it and the admin area.


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