Checklist To Help You Raise Your Rates as an Entrepreneur/Freelancer



Raising your fees and prices as an entrepreneur or freelancer can be a daunting thought, so what do most people end up doing? They put it off!

Don’t let this be you, stop sitting idly by while you’re getting underpaid and overworked in your business, whether you’re doing it full time or part time. It’s time to get paid what you’re worth and get back to enjoying what you do. This checklist will help guide you see the steps you need to take so that you can raise your rates properly, while keeping your best current clients and gaining your ideal clients in the future.

**This checklist is from the full Business Building Guide I created called “How to raise your rates and get paid what you’re worth” which can be found on my shop page. The full Guide walks you through the step by step process to getting this done seamlessly over a 30 day period and comes with a 4 Week Calendar, Worksheets, 21 Ideas To Make Your Pricing Transition Easier and a Resource List.


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