Vision Board Fun: Create The Life & Business of Your Dreams


Create the life and business you desire with this step-by-step workbook & planner. It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing, take control and live life on your terms! 🙂


Most goal-setting programs focus on the intended outcome. What is the result you want? And while that’s perfect for a business plan, it’s really not the best way to keep you inspired and motivated day in and day out. For that you need to know how achieving your goals will make you feel. And that’s the real power of a vision board.

This 13 Page Workbook will Go Over:

  • What Exactly is a Vision Board?
  • The Power a Vision Board Has on Your Life
  • How To Apply Your Vision Board To Every Area Of  Your Life
  • Tools Needed
  • Having Fun With Your Vision Board
  • Creating a Digital Vision Board


**All sales are final – No Refunds will be issued (However, if you have an issue with downloading the item please shoot me an email and I will make sure that you receive your download)


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