If you are trying to boost your website’s SEO, you’ve most likely heard the term backlinks. One of the main elements of successful SEO is the use of backlinks, for this reason alone backlinks are extremely important. However, this is a rather difficult topic for SEO newbies, which is why in this post, we are going to cover what backlinks are and how you go about getting them.


What are backlinks?

As the name suggests, a backlink is any link that links back to your website. So, for example, say you go on a random blog somewhere and find a link to your website, then that website linking back to yours would be considered a backlink.

Just linking to your own site does not make the link a backlink. So, for example, you cannot just put a link to one part of your site on another part of the site and have it be considered a backlink (although internal links like this are useful for helping people stay on your site and read more of your content). The links need to be on other sites.

Making your site rank higher depends a lot on how many backlinks you have, which makes it extremely valuable. Google assumes that if a site is constantly being linked to by other sites, then it must be good.


How to get backlinks?

There are a bunch of ways to go about getting backlinks for your site. You might think of emailing the owners of other websites and asking them to put links on their website that lead to yours. However, this is time consuming and probably won’t work! You’re far more likely to get a site to agree to link back to yours when you give them a “guest post”. You need to make sure this is something they do, and to provide them with a quality blog post to publish on their website. In exchange, they will link back to your site.

Using Social Media is another effective way of getting backlinks. For starters, you can get some easy backlinks by putting links to your site in your social media posts and in your social media bios. It’s also a good idea to reach out to your followers and ask them to share your website in their social media posts as well. However, this will take time to build up and means building a presence on social media and truly engaging with your fans.

When it comes to getting backlinks, you want to be careful about where you get them. If low-quality sites are constantly linking to yours, then Google will know that you are trying to pay for backlinks and will punish your blog or site accordingly.