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Over the past few years there’s been fast developments in digital marketing, and LinkedIn is part of that reality. LinkedIn is one of the newest “must use” platforms for professionals and marketers, but it’s also the best site for businesses to communicate and drive action with other businesses. Here’s a few of the best LinkedIn’s marketing services offered by the platform.

Company Pages

“Company Pages” are LinkedIn’s answer to Facebook “Fan Pages”, and they will allow you to establish your brand’s presence, for free, so you can attract followers and build awareness through relevant content.

LinkedIn Ads

“LinkedIn Ads” is the platform’s native advertising solution. It provides you with an easy to use advertising dashboard called the “campaign manager”, which will allow you to create, measure, and optimize all your advertising campaigns from a single place.

What’s more, the “LinkedIn Ads” platform offers you a streamlined selection of adverts, which includes “sponsored content” ads to promote your content in the LinkedIn feed, “Sponsored InMail” ads to promote personalized messages, and “text ads”, in case you’re looking for an affordable pay-per-click solution!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is new to the LinkedIn platform, which now supports video posts up to 10 minutes long. The platform’s algorithm promotes video posts over other types of content, mainly because video posts get shared 20 times more than non-video posts, which again makes a great case of video as the ideal media to deliver your marketing message.

There are other equally shocking facts about LinkedIn video marketing. For example, 75% of business executives on LinkedIn watch work-related videos on the platform on a weekly basis, and it has been found that mobile-optimized video content performs better when it comes to promoting company activities such as product launches and events.

The Audience Network

The LinkedIn Audience Network is the network of websites and third-party placements that serve LinkedIn ads outside of the LinkedIn network, and it allows marketers to reach LinkedIn members beyond the news feed.

The introduction of the Audience Network has proven successful so far, providing marketers with an average 13% increase in unique impressions and a whopping 80% increase in clicks!

Matched Audiences

 “Matched Audiences” is an integral part of the LinkedIn Ads platform, and it provides marketers with three types of targeting criteria. The first targeting criteria is “Re-targeting”, which allows you to re-target visitors to your website.

The second targeting criteria is “Account Targeting”, which allows you to target key decision makers in specific companies or industries. The third targeting criteria, “contact targeting”, allows you to target decision makers using existing email addresses or information imported from “Customer Relationship Management” databases.

Lead Gen Forms

Lead generation has always been a field in which LinkedIn excels at, with over 93% of business-to-business marketers confirming that the platform is the best website to create leads.

That’s because the platform uses “Lead Gen Forms”, which do not require members to sign up through a common contact form. Instead, it simply requires them to click a “submit” button that automatically inserts all their info.

As you can see, LinkedIn Marketing is all about making marketer’s lives easier. I’d love to hear from you and how you’re currently using LinkedIn to market and grow your business.

Let’s chat in the comments section below!

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