If you are just blogging for fun then a strategy isn’t really necessary. But if you want to give your blog the potential to go anywhere – help drive traffic to your business, make money and to reach as many people as possible – then you need to get strategic! In order for blogs to attract readers and keep them interested, it must have quality content. This will not only turn readers into faithful followers, but also turn them into buyers. This is why having a content strategy should be a priority for any serious bloggers or business owners.


What Is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is a plan of how you are going to use content to grow and market your blog. This consists of (a) the content you post on your blog (how often you post, what you write about, how far in advance you plan and create the content etc.) and (b) the content you use to promote your blog (for example, social media posts and emails to your mailing list). You can even have a strategy in place for promoting affiliate products right off the bat or you can implement that later on.


What Type of Content Should Be Included?

Content isn’t solely restricted to text and articles. It can include videos, quizzes, images, audio and many other things which make a blog more interesting than simply reading for hours.


Why Is a Strategy So Important?

 Survey a group of professional bloggers and you’ll probably find that they all work differently when it comes to planning their content. A small number may not plan at all, but for most planning is essential. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, having a plan means you can be more strategic in what you’re creating. Typing up and publishing a blog post just on a whim may be great for the casual blogger, but in order for blogging to be beneficial to a business owner or serious blogger, planning out blog posts strategically based on your products, services, certain promotions, holidays, etc. will make for a very solid foundation and lead to you having a successful blog. Planning ahead also helps make sure you post on a regular, consistent schedule, which is important for keeping readers interested (especially if you’re still in the growing stage).

And having a strategy also helps for those times when life is unpredictable. Maybe you really want to stick to a once-a-week posting schedule but you suddenly get sick. Creating a plan, scheduling your content to go out on your blog and social media platforms on certain dates and times in the future will help keep things on track even if you need time off.


What Do You Need To Do After the Strategy Has Been Created?

Remember, a content strategy isn’t set in stone. You can update it at any time you feel is necessary or if you think you need to restructure and edit it to make it work better for you. It might be the case that after a month or two, there isn’t much interest in the quizzes or videos you are posting. You can replace any type of content you have set to go out, so that your blog stays relevant and true to your brand. Feel free to test out different types of media and see what works and what doesn’t.